Most people think of mentoring as a benefit to the mentee, but it also provides benefits for the mentor and your organization. It helps mentors and managers develop the skills they need to lead a team. A good mentor can inspire and educate their staff, making them far more productive resulting in far better quality products and deliverables. A good mentor will develop and learn a number of life skills: 1. Active listening: including engaging people with meaningful questions. 2. Empathy: putting yourself in someone elses shoes. 3. Encouragement: helping others see something good in themselves. 4. Coaching: Through proper coaching and mentoring, people can reach their full potential and as a result will deliver the highest level of performance. People managers, leaders and mentors who demonstrate good coaching and mentoring skills tend to have the most productive teams. To learn more about how to develop your coaching and leadership skills, we strongly recommend “Coaching for Performance” by Sir John Whitmore. This is one of the best sellers in coaching covering the principles, practice and applications of coaching to help your team realize their fullest potential.
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Mentoring and coaching to unlock individual potential.

Mentoring & Coaching To Unlock Individual Potential